Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the State Board of Workers' Compensation website, where you have 24/7 access to information and resources about the Georgia workers’ compensation program.

Originally established in 1920 by the Georgia legislature as the Industrial Commission, the current State Board of Workers’ Compensation (SBWC) serves over 300,000 employers and over 5 million employees who make their livelihood within the Peach State. Our agency is committed to making the workers' compensation system in Georgia one that is accessible, fair and responsive to all impacted workers and businesses throughout the state. We hope our website has a part in meeting these objectives.

Our website has recently been updated to provide state of the art features, including site security, and direct access to current Board forms, rules, education schedule, and other useful topics that impact the workers’ compensation program in Georgia. Updates to office closing and even availability of the online Integrated Claims Management System (ICMS) and EDI processing dates are posted here when necessary. Updated nearly every day, SBWC.GEORGIA.GOV is the most accurate snapshot of SBWC activities.

We hope our updated website is easier for you to use and search for whatever information you need to find. We welcome your comments and hope you find this website useful.

--Chairman Ben Vinson