Medical Case Management FAQs

Best Practices In Light of Rule 200.2

Golden Rules [amended 5/4/2017]

  • The provisions of Rule 200.2 do not apply to direct employees of the Employer, Insurer or TPA.
  • 200.2 applies to all non-catastrophic workers’ compensation cases in the State of Georgia.
  • Verbal consent is always required to work directly with and talk to injured workers on the phone.
    • A follow up written document must be sent to the client documenting that verbal consent for case management participation was provided and can be revoked at any time.
  • Written consent is always required to meet with an injured worker in person at a medical appointment.
    • A patient is always entitled to a private medical exam with their physician without the presence of the medical case manager in the exam room.

When Client or Attorney Refuses Case Management

  • Care Coordination may continue
    • If represented: if verbal or written consent is refused or revoked, notification to the injured worker attorney should continue of case management activities.
    • If not represented:simple notification of appointments and basic service notification should be provided to injured worker.

Reporting Requirements FAQs