Managed Care & Rehabilitation

Welcome to the Managed Care and Rehabilitation Division's section of the State Board of Workers' Compensation Web Page. This section of the page is designed to be a source of information and help to all those with an interest in rehabilitation and managed care.

To the left are four “links” that contain several items that are commonly utilized with the services regulated by this Division. In addition, a review of the Managed Care and Rehabilitation Division's Procedure Manual located under “Publications” is an excellent source to increase your knowledge and understanding of the services regulated by this Division.

Under ‘Rehab Suppliers’, you can access the forms necessary to initially apply to become a Board Registered Rehabilitation Supplier. All rehabilitation suppliers must file a renewal form annually, no later than November 30th of each year. The renewal form is included here. Suppliers may also access the Notice of Intent form required to initiate the process to become certified and registered as catastrophic rehabilitation suppliers. The process is explained in the MCR Procedure Manual. Finally, copies of any significant instructive memorandum that are sent to the suppliers from the Board will be kept here for future reference. For registration, each registered supplier/case manager is responsible to know the current Rules and Regulations that govern their activity under Georgia's Workers' Compensation Act. The Rules and Regulations are updated annually in July. O.C.G.A. §§34-9-200.1 and 34-9-208 and Board Rules 200.1, 200.2 and 208 are the relevant sections for rehabilitation suppliers and case managers. Each supplier should also maintain knowledge of the above-mentioned Board's Managed Care & Rehabilitation Procedure Manual, which summarizes the current rules and regulations. If you have any questions on initially becoming a Board registered rehabilitation supplier or on registration renewals, please call Charles Thigpen at 404-656-0849.

Under “Managed Care Organizations” is the current list of all Board certified WC/MCO’s along with the counties they cover and other forms associated with the implementation of O.C.G.A. § 34-9-208 and Rule 208. If you have any questions with regard to the Georgia WC/MCOs, please call Charles Thigpen at 404-656-0849.

Under “Rehab Guides” you can access the various guidelines that have been published by the Board on several rehabilitation issues. There are also memos that provide tips for filing for, and defending against, requests for catastrophic designation [WC-R1CATEE’s].

Finally, under “General Information”, there is an Excel document with the list of all Registered Rehabilitation Suppliers and Catastrophic Rehabilitation Suppliers. There is also a list of the Managed Care and Rehabilitation Division teams telephone numbers, e-mail addresses along with what counties each team oversees. The county pertains to the employee's county of injury. The Board's rehabilitation coordinators review all catastrophic injury rehabilitation plans and reports submitted by the registered catastrophic suppliers for all injuries incurred in the counties they oversee. They review these plans and reports for accuracy, completeness, and timeliness. The coordinators can assist any party to the claim with information and clarification of rehabilitation issues. They also schedule rehabilitation conferences with all parties. This not only applies to catastrophic cases, but also to voluntary rehabilitation cases, if requested by the parties. Also, check out the Managed Care & Rehabilitation’s Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] section, for questions that relate to Managed Care & Rehabilitation. Perhaps someone has already posed your question and the answer is right there! If you have other questions you would like to see added to FAQ, please e-mail them to Neil Thom at [email protected].

The above information provided will be updated periodically.