Claims and Documents Processing

Cheryl Lowe
Cheryl Lowe - Division Director

The Claims and Documents Processing Division includes Documents Processing, Data Entry, Claims Examiners, and Superior Court Appeal Transmittal.

The Documents Processing Unit is responsible for all incoming and outgoing mail activities and processing of correspondence via doc prep through to scanning into the ICMS system. This unit also handles copying of files and coordinates the transfer, retention, and destruction of claim files with the State Records Center.

The Data Entry Unit is responsible for the coding and quality input of information submitted by case parties.

The Claims Examiners Unit is responsible for reviewing the claim file for timely payment of benefits, submission of corresponding Board files, and closure of claim files.

The Superior Court Appeals clerk is responsible for preparing the core documents necessary for the superior court hearing and sends them to the perspective counties.

Delinquent Case Progress Report (WC 4)