Notification of Involvement & Consent

  • When is consent required?
    •Consent, verbal or written, from the injured worker is required for the case manager to work directly with the injured worker. •Written consent from the injured worker is required when the case manager intends to attend any medical appointment with the injured worker. •Nothing in the rule prevents the case manager from obtaining written consent as part of their best practices. •The injured worker must receive written notification that consent may be refused/withdrawn at any time.
  • Should we advise injured worker/attorney as soon as we become involved?
    Yes, the best practice is to do so but there is no specific reporting period.
  • In telephonic medical case management, if injured worker has refused to work directly with the case manager, how do we apprise them of our on-going case management activities and assessments?
    The best practice to promote trust and transparency is to provide notice as soon as is possible. There are certain requirements within 200.2 that will inevitably involve on-going communication: •job approvals; •conducting private medical meetings with providers; •coordinating patient appointments, services, equipment or transportation; •identification of medical needs based on a review of the records.