Rule 200.2

Medical Case Management

In claims involving non-catastrophic injuries, employers/insurers may voluntarily utilize qualified medical case managers to provide telephonic or field medical case management services. Qualified medical case managers must possess certification or licensure of at least one licensing agency contained in Board Rule 200.1 (I)(A). Such medical case management services may be provided at the expense of the employer/insurer. Consent of the employee or the employee’s attorney shall be required for any medical case manager to work with the injured worker. Consent shall be in writing when attending any medical appointment. Where consent is required, it may be withdrawn and the employee shall be informed in writing that such consent may be refused. Consent of the employee shall not be required for such qualified medical case manager to contact the treating physician for purposes of assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the options and services required to effect a cure or provide relief. All communications are subject to the provisions of Rule 200.1(II)(D). Nothing in this rule shall be construed to allow or promote utilization review on the part of the medical case manager. The medical case manager may assist with approval of job descriptions only as consistent with O.C.G.A. § 34-9-240 and Board Rule 240. Violations of this rule may be referred to the Rehabilitation Division for peer review as contemplated by Rule 200.1( IV).

Case managers may be involved in cases where the employer/insurer has contracted with a certified workers’ compensation managed care organization (WC-MCO). These case managers shall operate pursuant to the provisions of O.C.G.A. §34-9-208 and Board Rule 208.

Nothing contained in this Rule shall apply to a direct employee of the insurer, third party administrator or employer, or to an attorney representing a party, provided that their specific role is identified.