Notice Regarding Mediations

The ADR Division’s goal is to provide fair and impartial mediations in a timely fashion to resolve disputes in workers' compensation cases.  The world-wide COVID-19 pandemic led to a temporary suspension of in-person mediations across the State of Georgia. 

Effective July 13, 2020, mediations may be conducted in-person. In-person mediations are available in very limited numbers by special arrangement only and must meet certain screening and safety guidelines.  To help protect the health and safety of participants and Board staff, please observe the following procedures.  Attorneys should share these guidelines with all participants (parties, interpreters, adjusters, any accompanying family members, etc.).

We are providing teleconference and videoconference mediations while COVID-19 health concerns persist.  Please observe the following guidelines to make these processes run more smoothly.

We’re in business, just not quite business as usual!  We look forward to helping you reach resolution.