file a claim for employees without Social Security Number?

When a valid Social Security Number (SSN) is not available, you must file the WC-1 or WC-14 to initiate a claim in paper. A claim number will be assigned and a Board Tracking Number (BTN) will be automatically generated in ICMS. After a claim number is assigned, you may search for the BTN by using the claim number or contact the Board at 404-656-3818 or 800-522-0682.

The NEW FORMAT for the Board Tracking Number is BTN-##-####. If a number has already been generated with the first 3 digits beginning with 000, it will now show as BTN-##-####.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to request a new number.

Trading Partners who are reporting via EDI must file a WC-1 (FROI) with the BTN to initiate the EDI filing sequence. Attorneys who are reporting via WCOnline can file all subsequent forms as usual using the generated BTN.

When the WC-1 or WC-14 has been processed, the filing party will receive an ICMS e-mail notification with the Board Claim Number (i.e. 2010-000000).

Once the notification has been received, registered parties to the claim may view the tracking number in ICMS or the insurer/claims office can call the Board at 404-656-3818 or 1-800-533-0682 for the tracking number.