Delinquent Case Progress Report (WC 4) Penalties

Beginning July 2011, delinquent reports will begin going out to all insurers, self insurers, and group funds requesting immediate filing of any delinquent Case Progress Reports (WC-4). Following a grace period of 60 days from the time the report is sent, companies that are delinquent will initially be sent an “Interlocutory Order” to show cause why they should not be assessed civil penalties of $100-$1000 per claim (O.C.G.A. 34-9-18(a)).

Case Progress Reports are due on all claims:
(A) within one year of the first date of injury/first date of disability
(B) within 30 days from last payment for closure
(C) upon request of the Board
(D) every 12 months from the date of the last filing of the WC-4 on all open cases
(E) to reopen a case
(F) within 30 days of final payment pursuant to an approved stipulated
(G) within 90 days of receipt of an open case by the new third party administrator
See Rule 61(b)(5).

Please check your claim files and insure that your Board form filings are current. Submitted WC-4’s must show current revised date and must be complete to meet the filing requirements. If our report shows that you are not delinquent, you will not receive a delinquent report list.

Please DO NOT FILE A PAPER WC-4 ON YOUR CLAIMS THAT ARE EDI as they will be rejected.