Notice Regarding Hearings and Mediations

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation continues to be open for business.  However, the Board is actively monitoring developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.  The safety and wellbeing of our staff  and visitors remain a paramount concern.

The Board is performing in-person hearings.  All parties must meet CDC and local health department guidelines in an effort to limit Covid-19 exposure.   See the specific guidelines and screening questions applicable to in-person hearings listed under separate topics on this website.

If the parties are ready to go forward with a hearing, they should schedule a conference call with the presiding judge to discuss the hearing logistics, including in-person hearing guidelines, number of witnesses, estimated length of the hearing, and to determine the actual date and time that the in-person hearing will take place.

The Administrative Law Judges in the Hearing Division will also hold virtual hearings with the consent of the parties.  In addition, the judges will  consider issues in claims that the parties agree can be submitted on stipulated facts, along with each party’s supporting documentary evidence.  If the parties would like to have a virtual hearing or submit issues on the record in lieu of a hearing, please call the office of the assigned judge to discuss these options further.

As has been the case since the advent of the pandemic, the Board continues to handle settlements, Petitions for Medical Treatment (PMTs), motions, conference calls and any emergency situation in the same manner it did before the start of the Covid-19 emergency. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and will work with everyone to accommodate any special circumstances.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the assigned judge’s office or call 770-531-5625.

ADR: Mediations continue to be conducted in person, via Zoom or by telephone. See the ADR Division information on this website for details.

  • For in-person mediations, all parties must meet CDC and local health department guidelines in an effort to limit Covid-19 exposure.   File a WC-100 to request settlement mediation, or a WC-14 to request mediation of any issue other than settlement.
  • For "special set" mediations, contact the mediator directly to arrange telephone or Zoom mediation or to reset your special set mediation. If you do not contact the mediator directly the mediation will be reset to the next available calendar rather than remaining as a special set with a particular mediator. 
  • For questions or concerns regarding mediations or to request a specific reset date and time, call 404-656-2939.

We will continue to monitor this situation in accordance with state and federal guidelines and will post updates on the Board’s website.  Thank you and be safe and stay well.