February 18, 2015

ICMS/WC-Online Service Interruption Announcement

Please review the ICMS Order below.
ICMS Order January 15, 2015

ICMS/WC-Online is only available to view claim files. We will continue to make ICMS available during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  However, expect brief periods of delay when ICMS/WC-Online is not available during service interruptions.

At this time, there are NO changes to EDI filings and transactions with the Board.

Instructions for navigating ICMS/WC-Online and filing procedures during service interruption:

  1. DO NOT use ICMS/WC-Online to file documents or forms with the Board.
  2. ICMS/WC-Online is only available to view claim files.
  3. Review mandatory procedures for filing documents effective January 21, 2015 and as directed by Order of the Board.
    1. File in paper with any Board office (Atlanta or any branch office) or by registered, certified mail or statutory overnight delivery.  Physical Addresses for Board offices can be found on our website.
    2. To receive a date stamped copy of a paper filing from the Board, please provide copies and a self-addressed stamped envelope.
    3. If filing by Email, all pleadings, motions, fee contracts and board forms should be sent to ICMS-Filings@sbwc.ga.gov
    4. If filing a Settlement Agreement by Email, send to  ICMS-Settlement@sbwc.ga.gov
  4. Claim files created after 12/31/2014 will be processed in paper until otherwise notified.  Please contact the Board’s Call Center at 404-656-3818 if you filed any documents between January 1–9 to verify receipt.

Communications with the Board

  1. Please call the assigned hearing Judge/Legal Secretary directly for questions concerning any scheduled hearings.  Please call ADR directly for questions about scheduled Mediations at 404.656.2939. Please call the Appellate Division directly for questions about appeals at 404-656-9688. Finally, call the Settlement Division directly for questions about settlement agreements at 404-656-2929.
  2. The SBWC Call Center is available for support and to answer any questions you have about filings from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday-Friday) at 1.800.533.0682 or 404.656.3818. If you filed any documents between January 1–9, 2015 please contact the Call Center to verify receipt.
  3. The Board will post daily updates to the SBWC.GEORGIA.GOV website, where we will provide daily progress reports on ICMS.  We will also use the website to communicate additional instructions as it becomes necessary.


Tip #1
January 29, 2015
While Chairman McKay’s order dated 01/15/15 is in effect, the preferred method of filing is in paper form. These forms may be submitted either by certified mail, overnight mail, registered mail, regular mail or delivered by hand to any State Board of Workers’ Compensation location. In order to obtain confirmation of receipt, a duplicate copy and a self-addressed stamped envelope must be included with the filing. If a case is set for a hearing, mediation, rehab conference or appeal, please direct your filing to the attention of the department or judge presiding over the issue.

Tip #2
January 30, 2015
There are NO changes to the procedures for EDI filings and transactions with the Board.

Tip #3
February 2, 2015
The forms on our website are published in PDF for your convenience for printing and manual completion or downloading. The forms do not support on-line completion (forms fill-in).  If you would like access to a fill-in format of our Board approved forms you may contact your approved vendor or Xogent LC at (678) 546-0018.

Tip #4
February 3, 2015
If filing using a SBWC form, the certificate of service included on the form is sufficient for service of notice.  If submitting a non-formatted form (settlement, motion, brief, etc.), a separate certificate of service is required to be submitted with the document.

Tip #5
February 4, 2015
Do not send copies of Board forms created in WC-ONLINE to the ICMS-Filings email  address created for the service interruption.  Instead, print the CURRENT REVISION of the Board form from the SBWC website, http://sbwc.georgia.gov/board-forms. Copies of WC-Online versions of the Board forms submitted to ICMS-Filings will be returned to you as not filed.

Tip #6
February 5, 2015
Incomplete forms submitted to ICMS-Filings will be returned as not filed.  If you need assistance in completing these forms, please contact our Call Center at (404) 656-3818 or 1-800-533-0682.

Tip #7
February 6, 2015
Please delete Icms-Filings@sbwc.ga.gov from the To: field when replying to all on an email, as this creates an additional filing that must be researched before processing can begin.

Tip #8
February 9, 2015
ICMS will issue an e-mail notice to the appropriate parties in existing files when a document is first put in the ICMS claim file.  For new claim files, ICMS will issue the email notice after the parties are entered into the ICMS claim file.  Expect a processing delay for filings submitted using either the ICMS-Filings or ICMS-Settlement email addresses.

Tip #9
February 10, 2015
During this service interruption we are scanning large volumes of paper mailed/delivered to our scanning center.  If an envelope contains multiple items to be filed, please separate each item and mark each with a throw-away note saying "separate filing."

Tip #10
February 11, 2015
During this service interruption we are scanning large volumes of paper from e-mail attachments.  Please use the subject line in the email to identify the document type attached to the email.

  1. When filing documents through ICMS-Filings@sbwc.ga.gov, please attach only one item to each email.
  2. When filing stipulated settlement agreement documents through ICMS-Settlement@sbwc.ga.gov, please attach only one settlement agreement document per email.

Tip #11
February 12, 2015
Using black or dark blue ink to complete forms that are to be scanned into ICMS will make them easier to read once scanned.  If you are using fill-in forms, use a typeface of a size sufficient to be easily readable.  Tiny typefaces can be difficult to read after documents are scanned.

Tip #12
February 13, 2015
Book mark this page and use the link to the appropriate email to submit filings to the Board.  This will reduce the chances of errors in typing the email address.