Frequently Asked Questions about ICMS II

  1. The employer and insurer named on the WC-14 are incorrect.  How can I add the correct parties and remove the incorrect parties from the claim file?

If a WC-14 was the initiating form in the claim file, the person who filed the WC-14 may file another WC-14 and use the "Other Hearing Issues" box to specify which parties need to be added and which need to be removed.

  1. The employer and insurer are correct in the claim file, but the claims office is not.  How do I change the claims office?

File a change of information form if you need to correct the claims office only.

  1. One of the subcontractors on the jobsite where the employee was working on the date of injury was named erroneously in this claim.  The correct employer appears in the claim file with its insurer and claims office.  How can I remove or dismiss the subcontractor?

If a WC-14 was the initiating form in the claim file, the person who filed the WC-14 may file a WC-14a and use the section for "Dismiss a Party".  Please note, if you request to dismiss an employer, it will remove all associated parties as well, i.e. insurer/claims office/attorney.

The WC-14a can't be filed if only one employer/insurer/claims office appear in the file.  You must file another WC-14 to name the correct parties before the existing parties may be removed.  You may add and/or dismiss parties on a WC-14 in the "Other Hearing Issues" box.

  1. I need to change the date of injury on a claim but ICMS is not allowing me to submit the WC-14a.  What should I do?

You must select the WC-14 that you are requesting to amend.  The submit button will be grayed out if no WC-14 is selected.

If you are requesting to change the date of injury more than 30 days from the date of injury on the WC-14, you will need to complete a paper WC-14a (Forms may be found on the SBWC website).  Example:  The claimant's date of birth was used as the date of injury on the WC-14.

  1. How can I request a BTN?

If filing the initial WC-14 or WC-1, you will need to complete a paper WC-14 or WC-1.  In the SSN/BTN box at the top of the form, type or write "Please assign BTN."

To request a BTN on an existing claim, please file the Change of Information form.

  1. The employer just sold his business to his son and even though it is still in the same location, the name of the business has changed from Al's Rib Shack to John's Rib Shack.  How can I update the claim file with the corrected name?

If a WC-14 is the initiating form in the claim file, the person who filed the WC-14 may file a WC-14a and complete the "Correct a Party's Name" section.  This section will only correct the employer name.

  1. I am filing a WC-14 and don't know which claims office will be handling this claim.  Can I still file a WC-14?

Yes, The claims office information is no longer required on the WC-14.  When the WC-1 is filed, the claims office will be added to the claim file.

  1. Recently my client informed me that the employer/insurer is no longer paying for their prescription medication.  I previously filed a WC-14 requesting a hearing and the hearing has been scheduled.  How can I make sure that the medication issue will be addressed at the hearing?

You may file a WC-14a to amend the WC-14 that you previously filed in the claim.  You must use the "Add Hearing Issues" box to add additional hearing issues.

  1. I filed a WC-14 and received a message that the form had been submitted successfully, but waas not provided a board claim number.  What happened to the WC-14 and how do I get the Board Claim Number?

If ICMS II detects a possible duplicate claim (Name, SSN, Date of Injury for same or similar employee within 30 days), the form will be sent to our research queue for processing.  When the form is processed, you will receive an email notification with the Board Claim Number.

  1. I represent the employer and insurer.  I am attempting to file a WC-1 on their behalf but I receive a "Please Add Claims Office" error message but ICMS II will not allow me to add them.  Do I need to send the form in paper?

Please contact the SBWC Call Center for further assistance at 404.656.3818 or 800.533.0682.

  1. If I file a form in paper, when can I expect to see the form in the claim file?

As a general rule, most documents filed in paper take 7 - 10 days to process after they are received by the Board.

  1. I was just retained to represent the employer and insurer.  They provided me with a Board Claim Number but I cannot locate the claim on ICMS II.  How can I file my WC-102B to become a party to the claim?

If the Board Claim Number cannot be found, it is likely that the WC-1 was filed through EDI and has not been completed.  The insurer must complete Section B or C before a file is created.  The insurer received the Board Claim Number (JCN) so that they could file Section B or C.

If you have any questions concerning any of the FAQ's, please contact the SBWC Call Center at 404.656.3818 or 800.533.0682.

If you are unable to file a form online, please email the form to ICMS-Filings@sbwc.ga.gov or mail the paper form to State Board of Workers' Compensation, 270 Peachtree Street, NW, Atlanta, GA  30303-1299.