Process Improvement & Oversight

Dana Prather
Dana Prather - Division Director

The Process Improvement and Oversight Division assists with improving day to day process for both internal and external users. It is a call center that utilizes available resources to assist external callers with questions and/or concerns they have in general. This division troubleshoots problems for WCONLINE users on ICMS and answers any questions they encounter during the submission process of filing online documents.

In addition, this division researches coverage information for callers requesting information for the insurance providers for employers. This division processes and updates insurer files that maintain insurer database in the ICMS system which includes the employers who elect or reject coverage for employers that do not have a carrier “under the provisions of O.C.G.A. §34-9-2.2,” standard coverage, annual medical reports, changing of TPA claims offices/servicing agent (WC-121), permit to write insurance (WC-131) and permit to write insurance updated (WC-131a). This unit processes the WC-26 – Consolidated Yearly Report of Medical Only Cases and Annual Payments on Indemnity Claims.