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Recently, many of you have expressed a desire for more information to assist in processing claims more smoothly in ICMS. You have also asked how to avoid delays in processing your requests, and how to locate the information you need to properly submit information to the Board. Some of the most common problems encountered are addressed below:

Abbreviations and Acronyms:
Please do not use an abbreviation for the self-insured, carrier or group fund. While some of the staff here at the Board might recognize the abbreviations, most of the people who will be seeing the form when it reaches the Board will not, causing it to be sent to a research queue. This could severely delay the processing of the form or even result in the form being returned, not processed.

Missing or Incorrect SBWC Number:
You must include the SBWC number for the self-insured, carrier or group fund. If you don't know the SBWC number, please check our website If you don't find it on the website, please call the Board for assistance. If the SBWC number is included, it will greatly enhance the forms chances of being processed correctly and timely. Only carriers, self-insureds and group funds have an SBWC ID number.

Different TPA/Servicing Agent:
If the carrier is correctly identified, and the Board notice does not have the name of the TPA you feel is actually adjusting the claim, please do not send an e-mail or letter telling the Board to change the TPA. We cannot change the TPA without a request directly from the self-insured/carrier/group fund on a form WC-121. The WC-121 must be submitted by the self-insured/carrier/group fund requesting (1) replacement of one TPA with another TPA. The WC-121 must include the information on the TPA being terminated and the information for the replacing or new TPA 2) the addition of a TPA that is not presently linked to any claims in our system, but could be linked in the future. We can add an additional TPA as "other party" but the TPA of record will still remain as a Party To The Claim on all notices, and will continue to receive Board Notices.

Carrier Name:
If you are servicing claims for a carrier that issues policies under multiple names, please do not guess at which of the multiple names is correct or which of the SBWC numbers is correct. If you list only part of the carrier name, we may have over a dozen carriers in our database to choose from. Please verify who issued the policy, and the correct SBWC ID number for that particular carrier. If you need help in identifying the correct carrier name or SBWC ID number, please call the Board for assistance. The SBWC number will greatly improve the accuracy.

Invalid Name:
When the form asks for the name of the Insurer, do not put the name of the TPA, the employer, excess carrier or the claimant. These names will not appear in our database, and we will not be able to process the form. We need the name of the insurer, self-insured or the group fund, accompanied by the SBWC ID number. Forms submitted without this information will be returned.

When corresponding with the Board on a particular claim, please list the Board Claim Number, the carrier/self-insured/group fund name, and the SBWC ID number. The SBWC ID number is not the NAIC number, and is different from the Board Claim Number. We cannot locate the name of the insured or the SBWC ID number using the NAIC number or the name of the TPA.

No Contact Information for Submitter:
Please include your name and e-mail address to enable us to confirm receipt of the Board form. If you do not include a legible, valid e-mail address, you will not receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the Board form.

We know that these new business procedures present a new challenge, but we hope that you will see a more accurate and timely response to your needs as we continue to implement ICMS here at the Board.