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Effective July 1, 2009 all Attorneys practicing Workers' Compensation Law and filing with the Board will be required to file online.

Our WCONLINE Attorney Self-Training Package is now available. The package includes a CD containing the WCONLINE training presentation with detailed registration instructions (PowerPoint), Introduction to WCONLINE, a Stipulated Settlement Filing training presentation (PowerPoint) and written instructions, and a copy of the User Guide suitable for loading onto a server or shared network. A copy of the User Guide in binder form is also included.

The cost of the self-training package is $250.00; it can be purchased by sending a check (payable to SBWC) to the attention of Dana Prather Division Director, Process Improvement & Oversight) at the Board's Atlanta address. All attorneys in your office location can share the same training package - individual purchase for each attorney in the firm is not necessary. The self-training package contains everything you will need to become registered and start using the system.

From the date of this letter you will have 30 days to obtain the package, register and start filing online. After the 30 days all paper filings will be returned.

Dana Prather
Division Director, Process Improvement & Oversight