Expedited Resolution of Issues

Attorneys may call the Board to request a conference call with the ALJ assigned to the claim to address the resolution of a medical or other issue that has not been controverted and that should be capable of resolution without an evidentiary hearing. These issues may include, but are not limited to: problems obtaining authorization to treat with a panel or other authorized provider; problems obtaining medication prescribed by the authorized provider; authorization for diagnostic testing recommended by the authorized provider; unpaid medical bills; or accidental or improper suspension of benefits. This process should not be used for change of physician requests or other issues likely to require an evidentiary hearing. If an ALJ is assigned to the claim, please call the office of the ALJ to schedule the conference. You may determine whether an ALJ is assigned to the claim by checking the file in ICMS. If, and only if, there is not an ALJ assigned to the claim, please call 404 656-2939, and your concern will be referred to the appropriate ALJ. Once a conference call is scheduled and the parties are notified by email to initiate the call, parties may face penalties for failing to appear or to provide advance notice of at least 24 hours as to the reason for their unavailability. All parties are encouraged to work together with the judges’ offices to schedule calls at times acceptable to all parties. If a call is requested, the opposing party must participate unless excused by the ALJ.

For your convenience, here is a link to the contact information for the ALJs’ offices:

ALJ Contact Information